Coast-to-Coast Storms Predicted for This Weekend


A storm that is hitting the Western U.S. currently will be heading towards the Plains, Midwest and Eastern U.S. this weekend. Snow, heavy rain and thunderstorms are predicted in most parts of the country.

Rainfall from this storm has triggered flash flooding in parts of California, and Sierra Nevada has been hit with over a foot of snow. And the storm is steadily heading East.

Friday forecast

Parts of the Plains will be watched for the possibility of severe thunderstorms, wind and hail Friday night.

There is a chance of snow in the central and northern High Plains on Friday. Northwest Nebraska, western South Dakota, Wyoming, northern Colorado and southern Montana may be affected.

Snow could continue Friday night from Nebraska into Wyoming and northern Colorado. In addition, rain may change into or mix with snow in eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

Rain showers and thunderstorms will reach parts of the already soaked Midwest through Friday night. Parts of the Midwest are already experiencing significant river flooding, which has been an ongoing event recently. The rainfall has the potential to trigger localized flash flooding.

Saturday forecast

The low pressure will move East heading into the weekend. Thunderstorms and rain will migrate from the Ohio Valley and Northeast into some parts of the South. Snow may be thrown into the mix in northern Maine, but all other areas should expect warm temperatures.

Some scattered severe thunderstorms with heavy winds may happen in areas of the lower Mississippi Valley.

Rain could change to snow from northern Indiana and northern Ohio through regions of the interior Northeast on Saturday night.

Storm chasing potential

Oklahoma will be hit with severe thunderstorms on Friday night. However, the National Weather Service lists the Tornado Potential as “Very Low” for the evening.

Nonetheless, the area may experience golf ball-sized hail and winds of up to 80 miles per hour.

Thunderstorms will give way to clearer skies by Saturday into Sunday, but temperatures will drop to a low of 32 degrees on Saturday.

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Written by Donna Hawthorne