Devastating Tornado Outbreak in U.S. Kills 2 Young Brothers, and 7 Others

A string of severe weather, including some monstrous tornadoes, ravaged the southern and eastern United States last weekend. Overall, the storms caused at least nine deaths, several more injuries, and widespread destruction.

There were tornado and severe thunderstorms watches and warnings in effect from Texas all the way north to Massachusetts from Saturday into Monday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed and surveyed 42 tornadoes over the weekend. The Fujita breakdown of tornado strengths is three EF3, ten EF2, sixteen EF1 and thirteen EF0 tornadoes across eight states.

Deaths and injuries

At the time of writing, at least nine people have been reported dead, including three young children, as a result of the severe weather across the South and mid-Atlantic regions.

Two brothers in Pollock, Texas were killed after a tree fell on top of a vehicle in which they were riding. Angelina County Sheriff’s Captain Alton Lenderman stated that the two victims, 3-year-old Jace Creel and 8-year-old Dilynn Creel, were in a car with their parents when the tree came tumbling down.

The parents of the two children survived the incident and a GoFundMe page has been set up for the family.

In Monroe County, Mississippi, a towering EF2 tornado swept through and killed 95-year-old Roy Shatliff, when a tree was brought down onto his home. 19 people checked into hospitals for treatment as a result of the tornado.

Flooding a problem in Louisiana

Flash flooding caused destruction and road closures in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana on Saturday. Two people drowned in the floodwater, according to Deputy Glenn Springfield. 13-year-old Sebastian Omar Martinez was found dead inside of a drainage canal. Drivers were advised to avoid travel because of the floodwaters.

Storm chaser Reed Timmer on the scene

AccuWeather’s Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer chased the storm in Canton, Mississippi. He posted GoPro footage of a lightning strike right in front of him. Timmer also took footage of the destruction caused by tornadoes in Vicksburg.

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