Fall Is an Epic Season for Storm Chasing

Fall is an epic season to chase storms and find any type of weather event.

Fall storms are absolutely fascinating, and it’s a great time of the year for storm chasers. In spring, you get ice storms and thunderstorms, followed by summer tornadoes. Winter months bring blizzards and snow squalls. But fall has it all!

Fall is the season where you’ll find all different types of weather events. The season can bring thunderstorms, tornadoes, ice storms, blizzards, and hurricanes, making it the most epic season of the year to chase storms.

A Temperate Cyclone

During the fall season, natural forces try to balance heat across the planet. The extreme shift between winter and summer is a clash of two air masses that storms love to feed on. Cold air being pulled own from the northern portion of the continent colliding with warm, moist air from the south generates energy for storms, which is referred to as a temperate cyclone.

Moisture Events

Extreme moisture can also be drawn up from the Gulf of Mexico. Combine this with the temperate cyclone, and it can lead to major precipitation events. Cold air can transform rain into snow, dumping more than a foot of snow across parts of the US and Canada in a single snowfall event.

Why Fall Is a Great Time to Chase Storms

With all of these changes taking place across the continent at the same time, it can be the best storm chasing season of the year. If you are a storm chaser, you’ve likely already packed your gear and prepped your vehicle.

However, if you are new to chasing, this may not be the best time of year to schedule a storm chasing vacation, given all of the factors that can change the weather. Depending on when these weather events collide, different things can happen. It’s better to have a little more experience under your belt before you try your hand an autumn meteorological safari.

If you are seasoned chaser, then get your gear ready to head out for an epic storm chasing adventure that can lead you into almost any type of storm or weather event you crave.

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