Florida Could Be in Path of Potential Tropical Storm Isaias

Hurricane Force Winds

The National Hurricane Center has warned that a storm brewing over the Atlantic could impact Florida in a matter of days. If the storm builds up steam and becomes a true tropical storm, it would be issued the name Isaias.

Within the next 36 hours, the disturbance is predicted to become a full-fledged tropical storm. Its projected cone could include several Caribbean Islands as well as Florida.

The National Hurricane Center predicts that some islands in the eastern Caribbean could be experiencing tropical storm conditions by late Wednesday. Moreover, the storm could pick up more steam as it approaches the US, meaning it could be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall in Florida. However, it’s still early yet, so these predictions might not be borne out.

Potential Tropical Cyclone 9

Currently, the NHC has designated the weather pattern “Potential Tropical Cyclone 9”. This is in line with normal naming conventions, where storms that are below a certain wind speed and power are not given proper names. The NHC names storms in order to make them easier to discuss in an historical sense, and makes them easier to report about to people who may be in the storm’s path.

Experts “name” storms in order to give them a degree of importance. As such, when a storm crosses a certain threshold and becomes a true tropical cyclone, a name helps draw public attention to it. After all, people in coastal regions need to be prepared for coming storms. Often, they’ll need to evacuate to get out of the storm’s path.

Meteorologists Warn Public

Meteorologist Jayme King for FOX 35 told viewers about the potential storm. “Early stages means there is greater than average uncertainty in the track and intensity. The bottom line is again it is hurricane season and you need to be prepared for this.”

Hurricane season is always unpredictable. The only certainty is that there will be hurricanes fed by the warm waters of the Atlantic and the winds of the jet stream. When and where those storms will form, and how they will behave, remains an inexact science. However, the most cutting-edge technology and mapping software can give us an idea of how to prepare for them.

Currently, forecasters expect the potential cyclone to make landfall somewhere near Broward County in Florida. Hopefully it will do so as little more than scattered showers, though that remains to be seen.

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