Gulf Coast Could Be Next Region to See Tropical Storm in US

Gulf Hurricane

Another tropical depression forming over the Caribbean could pose a threat to the Gulf Coast. Tropical Depression 14 is forming over the Caribbean and could move in a northwest pattern. Such movement would bring its cone over the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. The Gulf Coast is no stranger to tropical storms, though the low-lying nature of Louisiana’s coast makes tropical storms in the region a risky weather pattern.

Before it makes its way toward the US, however, Tropical Depression 14 will likely make landfall in parts of Central America and Eastern Mexico. Currently, Fourteen is tracking around 200 miles to the East of the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. It’s located to the west of Tropical Depression 13, another storm that is being monitored over the Caribbean. Needless to say, it’s been a busy hurricane season.

Tropical Depression 14

As the depression moves over the Caribbean towards Central America, it’s expected to pick up steam. However, its future is currently uncertain. At present, it’s spinning off heavy rainfall and thunderstorms that are being felt in Jamaica. At it moves northwest, the storm is predicted to clip parts of Northern Honduras. After that, it may move back out into the ocean, and then make landfall over the Yucatan Peninsula.

Such a heading would bring the storm over popular resort areas like Cancun. Meteorologists may issue tropical storm warnings and watches in the region as the week bears on. Many in the region are hoping that the storm loses steam as it moves through the Caribbean. However, this is unlikely given the highly active hurricane season that has preceded it.

Beyond Yucatan

The storm is set to impact the Yucatan sometime on Saturday. Following this, it is projected to move north into the Gulf and towards the Gulf Coast of the US. This could occur Sunday, meaning a Sunday evening or Monday morning landfall could occur in Texas and Louisiana. At present, it’s unclear if the storm will ever progress to become a full-blown hurricane.

If Fourteen becomes a hurricane, it could receive the name Laura or Marco, one of the next two names in line for this season. Tropical Depression 13 is also a candidate to progress into a fully-fledged hurricane and could snag one of the names.

In any event, parties in the Caribbean and Central America should watch the weather forecast closely for the next 24 hours. Going into Saturday, those in the Yucatan Peninsula need to stay vigilant for the storm.

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