How to Gain the Respect of Experienced Storm Chasers


If you’re a newbie to the storm chasing game and are the type of person who seeks acceptance from your community, look no further. Perhaps you don’t seek the approval of the more experienced, and that’s fine too.

After all, there is nothing wrong with being a newbie. You can simply get out there, start chasing storms and learn by doing.  We’re just here to politely nudge you in the right direction, to help you feel like you can hang with the veterans.

That way you can spend less time worrying about how you’re coming off to other people and concentrate more on doing what we all love, chasing storms! These are some basic dos and don’ts for new chasers.

Do: Chase storms

This seems a little obvious, but believe me when I tell you that online storm chasing communities are rampant with posters who clearly don’t chase storms. Chasing as a hobby is expensive and it’s not easy either.

But don’t try to speak with authority on different storm topics if you haven’t yet found your footing!

Don’t: Post online about storm chasing if you don’t chase storms

Once wouldn’t suffice, so we had to say it twice.

Do: Learn the ropes of forecasting

We all had to start somewhere. It’s okay to be a novice, just don’t stay one. Do your research online and read books about storms. Learn how severe storms and tornadoes work, and how to read forecast models.

Don’t: Ask to ride along with other chasers

At least not right now. Part of the storm chasing lifestyle is putting in the hard work and doing it yourself. Wait until you have some wisdom of your own to offer before asking other storm chasers to give away their secrets.

Do: Write about your chasing experiences and share photos

Since you’re reading this, I don’t have to tell you that storm enthusiasts love to read about storm chasing. So post about your chases and share photos you took, even if the chase was a total bust.

Don’t: Get a big head too quickly

Remember, storm chasing provides some incredible experiences but at the end of the day, it’s just a hobby like any other. Keep your feet planted on the ground, don’t let your ego get carried away, and focus on chasing storms because you love doing it.

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Written by
Johnny Rodgers
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Written by Johnny Rodgers