Hurricane Season is Far From Over: What’s Next?

Hurricane Force Winds

Two months of the official hurricane season are still to come, and the NOAA has already run out of alphabetical names for the storms. With Tropical Storms Gamma, Delta, and more likely on the horizon, what should you expect going into the next two months of the hurricane season? Here are some handy pieces of advice to keep in mind.

Evacuation Plan

Even as the weather turns colder, it’s important to have a robust evacuation plan on hand. If you don’t know what your evacuation plan or route is and you live near a coast, it’s time to fix that.

Get an evacuation box or bag together with all of the necessities you need to take with you in an emergency. Tell your family members to do the same, and be prepared to grab it at a moment’s notice if a hurricane is approaching.

Likewise, learn where you need to go to get out of the path of a hurricane. Low-lying areas are dangerous, due to the likelihood of flooding during a hurricane. Know where nearby high ground and areas further back from the ocean are.

If you are armed with this knowledge, you’ll have more time when an evacuation order is given to get to safety. The last thing you want to do is be scrambling to find your things and plot a course to safety as a storm is approaching.

What’s Next?

After a very active summer, the oceans seem to be giving coastal regions a brief respite from tropical storms. However, this isn’t likely to last, if prior years are any indication. In September, meteorologists are watching the Atlantic Basin near the continental US, in the Gulf of Mexico, and near the Southeastern Coast.

While you might expect cold fronts early in the season to calm down the hurricane development, the opposite can occur. If a cold front stalls over the ocean, it can actually spur storms to greater heights.

As such, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see a potential tropical storm Gamma, and then Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. Those names have not been used ever before by the NOAA, making 2020 a truly historic year for hurricanes.

As such, if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, be alert and don’t let your guard down. More storms could be coming, and they’ll likely represent historic patterns in their own right. Be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

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Jeremy Liu

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Written by Jeremy Liu