Even More Severe Storms on the Way for Central US

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The past couple of weeks have brought torrential rainstorms and high velocity winds to the central areas of the United States. And it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

On Tuesday, severe storms are expected to hit the High Plains once again, characterized by damaging winds, flooding, and large hail. Southern New Mexico, as well as southeastern Texas, are the most likely targets to receive the storm’s latest punishment.

The possibility of a tornado or two is not out of the picture either.

Stay Alert for Storms Developing in the North

Heading into Tuesday evening and quite possibly overnight, another area to watch for severe and damaging weather is from Missouri to Minnesota. Major cities such as Minneapolis, Omaha, and Kansas City will be at risk threatened by dangerous winds and heavy hail.

Although not every area within these states is at equal risk, those that are have been advised to head indoors as soon as thunder is heard. Sitting outside to monitor the storm is not recommended unless one is equipped with the proper storm chasing gear and technology.

Storms to Head South And Eastward Midweek

The severe storms will begin to shift into the South and move their way toward the East beginning on Wednesday. From the Ohio Valley to the central Appalachian region, violent storms will begin to form and group together bringing with them more hail and damaging winds.

Similar to Tuesday, the possibility of an isolated tornado forming is not unlikely. People living in and around major cities such as Indianapolis, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; and even Charleston, West Virginia; should make sure they follow the latest weather updates. It’s also a good idea to set your phone to receive notifications of the changing weather reports.

Proceed With Caution While on the Road

Do keep in mind the potential risk of being on the road when a storm is closing in. Parts of interstates 64, 65, 70, 71 and 77 will be in the storm’s crosshairs thereby limiting visibility and slowing down the speed of travel.

Anyone heading further east, proceed with caution as parts of northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland may receive a visit from these looming storms.

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Written by Bryan Brammer