Nebraska Man Witnesses 216 Tornadoes, Turns Storm Obsession Into Profit

IT Service personnel at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (UNK), Nathan Moore, absolutely loves storm chasing. In fact, he has witnessed 216 total tornadoes in his life, including 15 already this year.

His love—or obsession, depends on who you’re talking with—for tornadoes has taken him from casual hobbyist to businessman.

A Love for Storms Evolves

Nathan Moore’s fascination with tornadoes originated while driving along I-55 back in 1990. He witnessed an F5 tornado touchdown at a nearby community. The tornado took the lives of 29 people, injured 350 and produced $160 million in damages.

Upon seeing the devastation and hearing about the reports, Moore wanted to know why the tornado happened. How could a single natural phenomenon cause so much destruction? The rest was history and Moore has been storm chasing ever since.

A Storm-Chasing Business is Conceived

While Moore was working and studying geographical information science at UNK in 2014, he launched a small business called StormViewLive. His business focuses on following and tracking severe storms in real time.  It has since exploded and includes a network of 140 storm chasers from across the country.

His website contains shared content from members, weather trackers, live video feeds, and so much more. He even launched SLVMedia as a way for storm chasers to sell their video footage to networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and The Weather Channel.

His business provides live streams from Twitch and keeps fellow storm chasers up-to-date through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  This has helped viewers from around the world gain access to storms that do not exist in their regions.  Moore says, “I get a lot of excitement from seeing their reactions in the livestream.”

It’s Not Only About the Business

Moore doesn’t just chase storms for the sheer joy of it. He feels he has a more practical and helpful purpose for venturing out on the road on the tails of tornadoes. He wants to be a resource for the National Weather Service. He even tracks storms for local news stations pro bono.

In answering why he does what he does, Moore states, “My goal is to get out warnings for the state of Nebraska as fast as possible. If I can give us an extra 10 minutes when there’s a tornado, then I’m helping people.”

He has no plans to retire from his IT position at UNK. He loves his job and he loves chasing storms for sport as well as for the community. He sees no reason why he can’t pursue both and be completely satisfied.

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Bryan Brammer
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Written by Bryan Brammer