Love Storm Chasing? Here are 3 Live-Streams You’ll Want to Check Out

Storm Chaser Live

Watching a thunderstorm while enjoying a tasty beverage is a great way to relax after a long day.  There’s just something awe-inspiring about a powerful storm making its presence known as it rumbles among the clouds. Observing storms in the safety of your own home is something you thoroughly enjoy.

However, you’re ready to take it up a notch. You’ve become intrigued by those that track down and follow some of the biggest storms. If you are wanting to follow live storm chasers more closely, take a look at the following 3 best storm chasing live streams.

StormView Live

Stormview Live is the premier storm chasing website with loads of content and ways for fellow storm chasing advocates to interact. This storm chasing hub developed by Nathan Moore contains an up-to-date weather tracker, live feeds from Twitch, and social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook so that you won’t miss a thing.

If you ever want to venture out into the storm chasing scene yourself, StormView Live has created SLVMedia as a way to sell your footage to local and national networks. Chose a favorite storm chaser for the website and follow his/her every adventure in real-time!

Live Storm Chasing

Live Storm Chasing just added a ton of new features to their storm chasing site. Here are some of the highlighted items directly from their website:

  • View lightning strikes with up-to-the-minute data as you watch chaser streams.
  • View multiple types of watches and warnings. You are no longer restricted to just severe alerts!
  • View local storm reports (LSRs) around the country. View hail reports, snow reports, flooding reports, and tornado reports.
  • Faster load times with the radar layer.

One of the biggest advantages that Live Storm Chasing has over StormView Live is its phone app. It gives storm chasers the ability to update their stream straight from their phone. There’s no need to lug around bulkier equipment incase a massive storm forms out of thin air.

Severe Studios

Severe Studios is another high-quality website that offers many of the same services as StormView Live. In fact, Severe Studios partners with StormView Live enabling storm chasers to gain the greatest amount of exposure for their content.

Severe Studios offers weather forecasts, archived videos, live storm feeds, and the ability to team up with local weather companies to provide up-to-date content for their platforms. It’s really easy to join their team of storm chasers if you want to go that route.

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