Thunderstorms and Tornadoes Threaten the Southern U.S. This Weekend


As we approach the historical peak of severe weather in the country, bad thunderstorms are predicted to roar through areas of the South throughout the weekend.

Flooding rain is a big concern, with over six inches of rainfall on Thursday leading to significant flash flooding in some parts of Lake Charles, Louisiana. It was the fourth wettest April day in the history of recorded weather.

Earlier this week on Wednesday, baseball-sized hail was produced by a supercell thunderstorm, damaging a building and taking down power lines in Oklahoma.

Friday thunderstorms

There is a chance of a few severe thunderstorms hitting the Deep South on Friday, ranging from the Alabama Gulf Coast to the Florida Panhandle as well as southern Georgia. The main threat in these storms are damaging straight-line winds.

In the evening, severe thunderstorms are predicted to reach western Texas. There is potential for the storms to form into a squall line and track into central Texas in the middle of the night with heavy winds and hail.

Potential for tornadoes in your area on Saturday

Storm chaser alert! Those hoping to catch a tornado may need to head South this weekend.

A string of severe thunderstorms could track through some areas of Oklahoma along with central and east Texas on Saturday morning. The storms bring a threat of damaging straight-line winds and there is a possibility of tornadoes.

Scattered severe thunderstorms are likely in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast. The storms will bring damaging winds as well as tornado potential.

The High Plains will see some severe thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening, with the possibility of large hail.

Sunday is unclear as of now

It is very likely that thunderstorms will remain to be numerous on Sunday, especially in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast. However, the severity of risk looks to be unclear as of now.

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