Top 3 Storm Chasing Apps for Your Phone

If you are an avid storm chaser, chances are you have all the tracking equipment you need. You load your gear up, set your destination and head for the heart of mother nature.

But what if an unexpected storm approaches while you are out running errands or skipping rocks at the pond (people still do this you know)? You want to chase it down but you have no clue where it’s going. Let’s take a look at the top 3 apps for your impromptu storm chasing adventure.

Storm by Weather Underground

Storm is a free app for Android and iOS devices. It is touted as having the best-looking user interface and weather tracking integration. Its map radar offers animations of storm and weather patterns with data from the past, present, and future.

It allows you to customize its full-screen radar map with useful information such as earthquakes, wind levels, and even tropical data. Similar to nationwide Amber Alerts that pop up on your screen, the Storm App will send you notifications generated by the National Weather Service. It even offers another feature that will send your phone a text message whenever lightning or other “storm symptoms” are nearby.

Although the basic app is free, there are subscription options for those who want just a little bit more. These paid services will also eliminate those pesky advertisements that are such an eye-sore.

Radarscope Powered By DTN

Radarscope offers a more robust experience for the more serious storm chaser. Although there isn’t a free version, the term “you get what you pay for” is evident with this app. At a $9.99 one time price point, it’s still a great investment.

This app was specifically designed for those who storm chase as a hobby or even a living. Many meteorologists use this app as well. It accesses the NEXRAD and TDWR radars which increase the range at which a storm can be recognized.

NEXRAD is comprised of 160 radar sites in the United States and overseas. TDWR is the radar system that airports use to track storm activity in regions where thunderstorms are prevalent. You can be sure that this app will provide top-notch storm chasing data.

The Dark Sky Company

The Dark Sky app is the most simplistic storm chasing app at $4.99, but don’t let that fool you. This app draws data from the NOAA’s family of 140 radars around the nation. It focuses on more regional coverage within the next hour or so. It centers in on smaller areas in order to give a more concentrated look at storms that have an immediate impact.

Although Dark Sky may be the least robust app out of the three, it just may be the perfect solution for your off-the-cuff storm chasing escapade. With it’s down to the minute weather information, you will be updated quickly and often. A fun little afternoon of playing tag with a natural phenomenon isn’t half bad.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Your Choice

Whether you’re wanting to chase your next storm free-style, or you’re an amateur just getting their feet wet, any one of these apps will do. There are options for everybody. So take some time to sample some weather apps and go wherever the wind takes you!

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Written by Bryan Brammer